3D modeling

Today, technology rules.  Just ask any teen.  The days of looking at a two dimensional, hand-drawn elevation and trying to imagine it as a three dimensional structure are gone.  At Homesite, we us a CAD program called Softplan.  Softplan not only allows us to develop clean drawings free of smudges, but takes the input information to develop a three dimensional model of the home.  This model becomes the basis from which the construction drawings are developed all while seeing the home in true perspective as if you were standing in the driveway.  It also allows us to look for issues that may arise, such as a roof that won't frame properly, or a window who's view is blocked by another part of the house.  It also allows us to immediately see the ramifications of a modification to the floor plan or to explore possibilities.  This is especially handy for additions.  By modeling all or part of the existing structure, we can see how the new addition ties in with the existing portion.

How about a proposed pool house, next to the pool?

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