You won't find stock drawings for additions in any book or magazine.  Of course not, every home is different just as every homeowner is different. Generally, we start with a site visit getting photographs and dimensions.  The end result is a set of construction drawings tailored to your specific needs and unique circumstances.

Are you looking to build your dream home?  Or perhaps a starter home?  Maybe a detached garage out back for the man-cave, or the deck with the outdoor kitchen you've always wanted. At Homesite, we've proudly designed homes from Habitat for Humanity, to over 10,000 square feet in high-end subdivisions.  All drawings are done to the latest local and national building codes.

Custom home design

Perhaps. like my young cousins, you have a family member or relative in need of special accommodations.  Did you know there is no residential building code like the ADA dealing with residential accessible designs?  With over 20 years experience in accessible design we can design and provide construction drawings for modifications to your home, weather it means adding or remodeling a barrier-free bath or providing access to the home.

Barrier free (handicap accessibility)

Designing a home for your current, active lifestyle that try to anticipate future needs as we grow older.  This might include provisions for wheelchair accessibility, poor eyesight, or loss of dexterity.  While there may not be an immediate need for these features, having a home that is flexible enough to meet your future needs means increased independence and comfort as we enter our golden years.  I am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) through the National Association of Home Builders.

Aging in place



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